Utilize Power BI reports

It’s very important in today’s competitive environment to know as much about your customer as you can. Using Power BI can enable you to understand vital statistics such as what products, area and day customers enjoying shopping at your business. One of the basic and most important ways to learn about your customers and your business is by statistical comparison. And Power BI helps to do it easily.

Below is a sample report with Power BI to extract your customers data based on sales and customer information. These data sources are pretty simple to obtain and every company should record; products, branch, date, and customer ID if possible. There are 3 areas in this report, basic information area, graph area and filter area.

Power BI report sumple

Customers are classified into 4 groups depending upon their sales. The highest sales group is named STAR, followed in descending order by PROMISING, NOVICE and NEW.

When you begin analysing your company sales, it is important that you include basic information such as;
– branch sales per month
– sales per customer, expressed as a percentage
– what your top selling products are, and how many customers buy those products

Even though you may already know this instinctively, using this chart makes it easier to share those information with your colleagues. Furthermore, you can immediately start comparing various views with a simple click. This chart enable you to drill down into your sales data, correlating the main factors that affect sales.

For example, when you want to find out which product has the potential for increased sales, one of your research options is customer segmentation.
For example, you might find that more ‘Star’ customers buy Group C products, (especially C3 and C5), than other customers, and this tendency is particularly prominent in your Hamilton branch.

Now you focus on C3 in detail so that you can find some ideas to increase sales in other branches.

There are many options to gain new insights from existing company.
I am confident that it will give you a good starting point for your sales and customer analysis.

Here is the sample of power BI report I have made from website data.

waste management

real estate

Analyze key factors for actionable insight

According to business process breakdown and organizing small goals and tasks, I researched and analyzed sales data ,customer data and website data.

Sales data analysis

Purpose : checking company achievements and issues roughly
After summarize data, I proceed detail research of each issues.

Sales data summary
Sales data summary

Also I measured each process time from recieving new application to payout and  to grasp correlation between process time and cancel rate.

process time summary
process time summary

Repeat customer analysis

Picked up the data of current customer who got finance twice or more with us and analyzed customer’s attribute and profile. After grabbed tendency, we utilized it for repeat customer marketing.

Search Engine market and keyword research for overseas customer

According to demographics of New Zealand and current customer’s tendency, I estimated our target potential customer and summarized main keyword in each countries native language. After that we made Landing Page with search engine optimization and also I registered our website to prime search engine such as Google, Baido, Sogou, Yandex du.