Analyze key factors for actionable insight

According to business process breakdown and organizing small goals and tasks, I researched and analyzed sales data ,customer data and website data.

Sales data analysis

Purpose : checking company achievements and issues roughly
After summarize data, I proceed detail research of each issues.

Sales data summary
Sales data summary

Also I measured each process time from recieving new application to payout and  to grasp correlation between process time and cancel rate.

process time summary
process time summary

Repeat customer analysis

Picked up the data of current customer who got finance twice or more with us and analyzed customer’s attribute and profile. After grabbed tendency, we utilized it for repeat customer marketing.

Search Engine market and keyword research for overseas customer

According to demographics of New Zealand and current customer’s tendency, I estimated our target potential customer and summarized main keyword in each countries native language. After that we made Landing Page with search engine optimization and also I registered our website to prime search engine such as Google, Baido, Sogou, Yandex du.


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