5 Tips to succeed optimization in your business

1. Begin with bottom up and top down

Bottom up: real opinion from employees (your colleagues)
Top down: decision making or common goal
These stage is quite important, because
-everyone doesn’t prefer changes even if they know it is useful.
-On the other hands, we like to hear that our opinion works to company decisions.
-To go next action, everyone need to get images how will this changes result in.

2. Think out how to involve your colleagues

-utilize number : track and find out small changes
If possible , it should be quickly shown as results. Even if it was really tiny improvements. Visualization moves people with convincing.

3. Try “Cushion step” before introducing new system
4. Enjoy try and error(run PDCA cycle)
5. Utilities structure, not rely on individual efforts

Business Process Breakdown

Goal : Increase Business

It can be roughly divided into two ways o achieve the goal, “improve success rate after customer applied finance”, “increase new application”. The former is divided into detailed process rate and the latter is divided into channels. In this way, the goal get rolled into concrete process and it help considering next step.

business flow breakdown
business flow breakdown

And I also made staff workflow breakdown to visualize where is there a problem to hinder the finance process.

Staff workflow
Staff workflow

According to the goal and each business process, we set a couple of CSF and KPI.


Next Step : Organizfe small goals and tasks